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Manage risk credentials effectively, Never leak credentials

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Secret Detected
Secret Detected

Secrets Detection

Secret Detection Anywhere, Cremit Supports the most complete list of integrations to scan across your entire workspace

Sensitive Data Detection

Detect unmanaged sensitive data(include PII) in your organization

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Secrets Verification

900+ credentials types, directly verified with credentials providers

Continous Monitoring

Cremit continuosly tracks the status of all credential types to identify whether remidiation has occurred

Prevent Leaks

Cremit's pre-commit and CLI tools for developers prevenet keys from leaked in the first place

Actionable advice

with Cremit, can make it easier for developrs to revoke leaked secrets by providing advice guide

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Run Anywhere

Cremit can be run on-premises or from our isolated cloud region

Unclear Ownership

Finding the right person to fix a secret is hard, Cremit pinpoints the leaker